Things to know about the Tri-City Adult Day Care Activities program

  • The Program is based on client interests and needs. Group and individual activities are performed as needed.

  • Clients are encouraged to contribute to the planning and implementation of program activities to the best of their ability.

  • Staff supervises all activities

  • Clients have the right to refuse to participate in any activity.

The Tri-City Adult Day Care program provides a mix of the following types of activities:

  • Social activities provide an opportunity for social interaction, friendship formation, and caring relationships.

  • Cultural activities contribute to a sense of self-worth.

  • Education activities provide opportunities to learn new ideas, skills, rekindle old skills that continue to personal growth.

  • Therapeutic activities such as art, music, playing with pets, and gardening allow for personal expressions of emotions and feelings. Also included are reminiscence therapy, problem-solving therapy, motivation therapy

  • Recreation activities that refresh the mind, body, and stimulate pleasant thoughts, and improve attitudes.

Cognitive stimulation games:

  • Bingo

  • Dominoes

  • Card Games

  • Word search

Field Trips:

  • Virtual Nature Tour

  • Parks

  • Library

  • Malls

Arts and Crafts:

  • Painting

  • Coloring

  • Papercrafts

  • Seasonal decoration

Live entertainment:

  • Flute Circle

  • Dulcimer

  • Steel Pan by Victor Perelion


Music therapy:

  • Karaoke and Piano

Many Others:

  • Weekly Happy Hour

  • Holiday Celebrations & Dance

  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations

  • Pet therapy sessions

  • Nail SPA

  • Exercising/ Chair Yoga


The creative brush


The musical touch


Beautiful hands


A comforting friend


An active Mind

A steady hand


Always up for Jenga


A man on a mission


Reliving the Island life

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Always up for a good match


Environmentally Friendly


A game of wits


Creativity above all